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Arthritis in leg: Sorts, causes, and signs

Arthritis within the leg may cause ache wherever from the highest of the thigh to the ankle. It might probably develop on account of numerous types of arthritis, which trigger irritation.

Normally, arthritis impacts the joints. Some arthritis-related situations may trigger muscle ache, reminiscent of leg ache. Arthritis within the leg can develop on account of joint ache, muscle ache, or each.

This text takes an in-depth have a look at arthritis within the legs, together with forms of arthritis, causes, and remedy.

Arthritis is greater than only one particular situation. In response to the Arthritis Basis, there are greater than 100 sorts.

A number of forms of arthritis can happen within the legs. Arthritis that impacts the hips, knees, or ankles can result in leg ache. Sure types of arthritis might also trigger muscle ache wherever within the physique, together with the legs.

Under are types of arthritis that will have an effect on the legs.

Osteoarthritis (OA)

OA includes the gradual deterioration of cartilage within the joints. It might probably happen within the legs and generally happens within the knees.

It might probably have an effect on virtually any joint, together with the hips and decrease again, resulting in leg ache.

Study extra about cartilage injury.

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

RA is an autoimmune illness that impacts numerous components of the physique, together with the joints.

When an individual has RA, the immune system assaults wholesome cells within the physique for unknown causes, inflicting an inflammatory response.

RA generally impacts the hips, knees, ankles, or ft. Due to this fact, it could possibly trigger leg ache.

Infectious (septic) arthritis

Infectious arthritis happens when an an infection from some other place within the physique travels to a joint, resulting in joint injury.

Any kind of an infection may cause infectious arthritis. It most frequently outcomes from a bacterial an infection.

Infectious arthritis can have an effect on the legs because it mostly happens within the knees.

Polymyalgia rheumatica

Polymyalgia rheumatica is an arthritis-related illness. In response to the American School of Rheumatology, the situation includes irritation of the bursae, that are sacs across the joints.

It might probably trigger ache and stiffness within the neck, shoulders, hips, pelvis, and thighs, in addition to the higher arms and typically the knees or arms.

The signs of arthritis within the legs might differ relying on the precise joint concerned and the kind of arthritis. Leg ache typically happens on account of arthritis within the ankle, foot, knee, or hip.

Signs might embrace:

Leg ache because of arthritis might really feel gentle to reasonable or, for some, could also be debilitating. Ache might happen wherever within the leg, reminiscent of close to the knee, hip, calf, or thigh.

Relying on the kind of arthritis affecting the legs, an individual might expertise extra signs reminiscent of:

Arthritis ache within the legs can develop on account of irritation within the joints, tendons, or ligaments.

The leg muscular tissues might grow to be weak and painful on account of attempting to help the painful or infected affected joints.

Some people additionally develop leg ache from arthritis because of adjustments within the nerves. As an illustration, joint injury within the knees or hips might have an effect on the nerves within the legs, resulting in musculoskeletal ache.

Study extra in regards to the causes of arthritis.

Danger elements for leg arthritis differ relying on the kind of arthritis. In response to the Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention (CDC)threat elements for arthritis embrace:

  • damage: An damage to the joint can result in OA.
  • an infection: A bacterial an infection might set off infectious arthritis.
  • Weight problems: Further weight might improve the stress on the joints and improve an individual’s threat of growing sure forms of arthritis.
  • Gender: Being feminine will increase the chance of sure types of arthritis.
  • Household historical past: Some types of arthritis, together with RA, seem to have a genetic hyperlink.

Docs diagnose arthritis within the legs via a mix of symptom assessment, a bodily examination, and imaging research.

Throughout a bodily examination, the physician checks for swelling and ache within the legs and checks an individual’s vary of movement.

Imaging exams, reminiscent of musculoskeletal ultrasound and MRI, present photos of the bones and surrounding areas. These can assist healthcare professionals decide the kind of arthritis current.

The precise remedy a health care provider recommends might rely on the type of arthritis affecting the legs. For instance, somebody who has OA within the joints of the legs might obtain completely different remedy than somebody who has RA.

We discover doable remedy choices, as really helpful by the Arthritis Basis, under.


Varied forms of medicines might assist lower signs of arthritis, reminiscent of ache and irritation.

Drugs for arthritis signs embrace:

bodily remedy

Bodily remedy might assist an individual:

  • enhance their vary of movement
  • reduces stiffness
  • preserve their health degree

Surgical procedure

Docs might advocate surgical procedure for superior instances of arthritis or when conservative remedies have failed.

Surgical procedure might embrace a knee or hip alternative.

The next methods might assist an individual handle arthritis signs:

  • Put on correct footwear: Supportive sneakers that match properly present stability for the ankles and ft, which can assist with leg ache.
  • Keep good posture: Sustaining correct posture whereas sitting, standing, and mendacity down retains the joints of the physique in good alignment. This promotes correct motion and reduces irregular put on on the joints.
  • train: A 2019 research means that common train might lower arthritis ache by strengthening the muscular tissues across the joints.
  • Attempt to shed weight if wanted: Reducing weight can lower the quantity of stress on joints within the legs, together with the knees.

Varied issues can happen on account of arthritis itself or as unwanted side effects of medicine. Attainable issues embrace:

  • lack of power
  • poor stability
  • decreased vary of movement
  • elevated threat of falls
  • decreased capability to hold out each day actions

An individual ought to seek the advice of a health care provider in the event that they develop swelling, ache, or stiffness within the joints of their legs.

It’s also necessary to talk with a healthcare skilled if somebody has unexplained muscle ache and stiffness.

As a result of many types of arthritis exist, an correct prognosis is important to make sure that an individual receives probably the most applicable remedy.

Arthritis within the legs can happen on account of issues with the joints of the knees, hips, or ft. Varied forms of arthritis might have an effect on the joints within the legs.

Therapy can cut back signs and enhance functioning. Therapy choices embrace medicine and bodily remedy.


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