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January twenty second, 2023 WCBC Radio

CUMBERLAND, Md. (Jan. 20, 2023) – Allegany School of Maryland acknowledged 166 graduates from 9 states on the conclusion of the current fall 2022 session. They earned a complete of 181 affiliate levels and certificates by means of the faculty’s in-person and on-line applications. Members of ACM’s 2022 class and the diploma or certificates they obtained are listed under in response to state and place of residence. Except famous in any other case, the awards confer with levels.

Allegany School of Maryland acknowledged 166 graduates from 9 states on the conclusion of the current fall 2022 session. Grace Yeboah and Kelly Shiflett offered the scholar graduation addresses. Entrance row, L-R: President Cynthia Bambara, Yeboah, Shiflett, ACM Trustee and Board Chair Kim Leonard. Again row, L-R: Trustee James Pyle, Nursing Professor and Director Sandy Clark, Laptop Expertise Assistant Professor Richard Soderman, and Senior Vice President Kurt Hoffman.

Buckeye – Jordan A. Waud, Enterprise Accounting Space of ​​Focus, Enterprise Economics Space of ​​Focus, Normal Research.

Lincoln–Tomecca L. Holmes, Nursing.

Jesup-Robert. W. Leisure, Normal Research.

Abingdon–Jessica L. Gatton, Nursing.
Baltimore – Daeshawnn M. Thomas, Culinary Arts, Culinary Arts-Baking Necessities certificates, Culinary Arts – Cooking Necessities certificates.
Baltimore–Tiffani A. Kwakye, Normal Research.
Bowie–Tochi Ngobili, Nursing.
Cockeysville–Elizabeth L. Higgins, Nursing.
Cresaptown – Barbara Jade Nelson, Nursing.
Crofton–Monica A. Calloway, Nursing.
Cumberland–Emily F. E book, Nursing; Malloy D. Boore, Medical Administrative Assistant, Medical Admin Assistant – Medical Coding & Billing certificates; Alexa Ok. Bradburn, Nursing, Tiffany M. Carroll, Medical Administrative Assistant – Medical Coding & Billing certificates, Terri C. Cassidy, Nursing, Ashlyn M. Chorpenning, Normal Research, Instructor Training – Early Childhood Space of ​​Focus, Instructor Training – Secondary Space of ​​Focus, David W. Crowe, Nursing, Jennifer S. Davis, Nursing, Dale L. Dickerhoof, Normal Research, Nancy M. Dolly, Nursing Assistant/Geriatric Aide certificates, Samuel T. Gardner, Forest Expertise, Kaitlin P. Hansel , Medical Admin Assistant – Medical Coding & Billing certificates, Rachel N. Hare, Nursing, Jonathan W. Harper, Multimedia Expertise, Gabriel M. Henson, Normal Research, Brady A. Herndon, Forest Expertise, Ethan J. Hilgeman, Forest Expertise, Cheryl R. Jones, Therapeutic massage Remedy certificates, Benjamin M. Judy, Laptop Expertise – Cybersecurity Space of ​​Focus, Kennedy J. Koelker, Normal Research, Ciara A. Lease, Normal Research, Kami M. Miller, Instructor Training – Elementary Space of Focus, Kenneth P. Morton, Laptop Expertise – Cybersecurity Space of ​​Focus, Bonnie E. Pettie, Nursing Assistant/Geriatric Aide certificates, Jason T. Rakaczewski, Normal Research, Instructor Training – Secondary Space of ​​Focus, Alexis M. Ritchey, Nursing, Alexis B. Robinette, Legal Justice Switch – Forensic Space of ​​Focus, Aleena M. Rock, Normal Research, Rafe E. Sibley, Multimedia Expertise, Michael P. Skelley, Enterprise Administration, Samantha L. Snyder, Normal Research, Instructor Training – Early Childhood Space of ​​Focus, Instructor Training – Secondary Space of ​​Focus, Noah T. Taranto, Legal Justice Switch, Brent W. Thomas, Utilized Technical Research, Corrina S. Twigg, Psychology Space of ​​Focus, Evan S. Twigg, Laptop Expertise – Cybersecurity Space of ​​Focus, Amber N. Wagus, Nursing, Kristina M. Whetsell, Nursing, Madison P. Wigger, Psychology Space of ​​Focus, Alexis D. Broadwater, Austin D. DeBlock, Enterprise Acc ounting Space of ​​Focus, Enterprise Administration, Enterprise Economics Space of ​​Focus, Enterprise Advertising and marketing and Gross sales certificates.

Ellicott Metropolis–MacKenzie M. Folch, Nursing.

Flintstone–Jared E. Browning, Enterprise Administration.

Frostburg – Bailey N. Burdock, Nursing, Marley L. Copes, Nursing, Shannon L. Lewis, Enterprise Administration, Jiao, Nursing, Megan L. Poland, Laptop Expertise – Cybersecurity Space of ​​Focus.

Grantsville – Jeanette M. Bland, Therapeutic massage Remedy certificates, McKenna J. Houser, Nursing, Samantha B. Kennell, Nursing, Tanya N. Palmer, Nursing, Soncerae E. Schrock, Nursing, Bridget R. Weimer, Nursing.

Hancock–Paige R. Religion, Instructor Training–Early Childhood Space of ​​Focus.

Laurel–Karin Y. Lemus Hernandez, Nursing.

LaVale–Emily L. Mathews, Nursing, Tre M. Meade, Normal Research, Katie A. Miller, Normal Research, Kelly A. Riley, Utilized Technical Research, Timothy D. Sterne, Enterprise Administration, Lindsay M. Todd, Nursing Assistant/Geriatric Aide certificates, Lexis B. Zalewski, Normal Research.

Little Orleans–Colby H. Whiteside, Forest Expertise.

Lonaconing – Colby L. Barclay – Medical Administrative Assistant – Medical Coding & Billing certificates.

Midlothian – Jasmyne L. Shockey, Nursing Assistant/Geriatric Aide certificates.

Millersville–Mykenzi Shreve, Nursing.

Mount Savage – Shellie R. Stevens, Nursing, Alicia J. Williams, Nursing, Adrian M. Gibbons, Normal Research.

Oakland–Delores L. Clemons, Nursing, Jessica D. Getson, Nursing, Sarah F. Lantz, Nursing.

Oldtown – Megan L. Shambaugh, Normal Research, Nicholas J. Swick, Laptop Expertise – Cybersecurity Space of ​​Focus.

Owings Mills–Tijuan D. Rhue, Well being/Bodily Training.

Pasadena–Shelley R. Brock, Nursing.

Randallstown–Sangeana N. Dawes, Nursing.

Rawlings – Macie Armentrout, Psychology Space of ​​Focus, Emma Ok. Gornall, Normal Research, Taylor Serpone, Pharmacy Technician certificates.

Seat Nice – Shirley Lawson, Normal Research.

Swanton–Merrill J. Brunson, Nursing, Kelly L. Shiflett, Laptop Expertise–Programming Space of ​​Focus.

Waldorf–Darius D. Hunter, Enterprise Administration.

Westernport – Erin G. Derham, Normal Research, Melissa D. Lantz , Nursing, Brianna R Taylor – Enterprise Accounting Space of ​​Focus, Enterprise Administration, Enterprise Supervision certificates.

New Jersey
Bogota – Jayleen S. Arce, Normal Research.

Altoona – Vanessa M. Johnson, Nursing, Beth Ann Posiowaych, Nursing.
Seaside Lake–Nicole A. Doney, Nursing.
Bedford–Alexis B. Nelson, Nursing.
Bedford – Landon Taylor Defibaugh, Sociology Space of ​​Focus, Hailey M. Pal, Enterprise Accounting Space of ​​Focus, Nathan G. Gabriel, Nursing, Reilly J. Tegeler, Nursing.
Breezewood–Lexi M Lloyd, Psychology Space of ​​Focus.
Claysburg–William P. Musselman, Nursing.
Confluence–Haylee M. Wilson, Nursing.
Crystal Spring–Christina D. Repine, Nursing.
East Freedom–Annarose M. Woodring, Nursing.
Fairfield – Violet L. Uphold, Nursing Assistant/Geriatric Aide certificates.
Frackville–Jennifer L. Arnold, Nursing
Franklin–Paige A. Lucas, Nursing.
Greencastle–Audrey L. Miller, Nursing.
Hopewell–Terry A. Delozier, Sociology Space of ​​Focus.
Hyndman–Cody J. Fitzwater, Nursing, Rachelle N. Thomas, Utilized Technical Research.
James Creek–Courtney M. Runk, Nursing.
Lykens–Alisha M. Sheets, Nursing.
Martinsburg–Veronica E. Griffith, Enterprise Administration.
Mechanicsburg–Nitixaben Ok. Jogani, Nursing.
Meyersdale–Johnathan J. Chaney, Nursing.
Mount Carmel–Veronica L. Yoder, Nursing.
Needmore–Madison A. Baker, Nursing.
Osterburg–Kiley D. Ross, Instructor Training–Early Childhood Space of ​​Focus.
Philadelphia–Rashida L. Williams, Nursing.
Portage–Amanda J. Smith, Nursing.
Punxsutawney–Jenna C. McQuown, Nursing.
Roaring Department – Deborah Ok. Stahle, Nursing.
Rockwood–Alyson P. Maust, Social Work Space of ​​Focus.
Salisbury–Ryan J. Lishia, Nursing.
Schellsburg–Cameryn J. Grube, Nursing.
Shelocta–Lisa M. Jablunovsky, Nursing.
Sproul–Ethan S. Miller, Nursing.
Three Springs–Savannah N. Kuhstos, Nursing.
Wellersburg–Alyssa M. Lengthy, Forest Expertise.
Wells Tannery–Rebecca M. Ford, Normal Research.

Belton–Michelle C. Mann, Nursing.
Crosby–Kaylee N. Bradley, Nursing.
Denton–Sophia L. Dent, Nursing.
Hemphill–Tina N. Lucius, Nursing, Wendy L. Rice, Nursing.
Manvel–Diana Mayorquin, Nursing.
Spherical Rock–Tara T. Bennight, Nursing.
San Antonio – Ernesto Cervera, Nursing.

Daleville–Danyelle Y. Simmons, Nursing
Dumfries–Grace T. Yeboah, Nursing.
North Chesterfield – Jennifer P. Benjamin, Nursing, Erin L. Brown, Normal Research.
Orange–Grace D. Kaiser, Nursing.
Winchester–Allena V. Kovak, Nursing.

West Virginia
Fort Ashby – Stone C. Cain, Pharmacy Technician certificates, Kristie L. Spiroff, Normal Research, Hayden M. Stein, Laptop Expertise – Cybersecurity Space of ​​Focus.
Keyser – Madilyne L. Hott, Nursing, Brittany L. Knox, Nursing, Jenna L. Michael, Therapeutic massage Remedy certificates, Savanna C. Mongold, Nursing, Meghan A. Riggleman, Normal Research, Natasha E. Woods, Nursing.
Ridgeley – Lacey N. Beasom, Nursing, Bailey N. Dewilde, Nursing Assistant/Geriatric Aide certificates, Austin F. Heavner, Utilized Technical Research.
Terra Alta – Briana H. Stevens, Nursing.
Yellow Spring–Jessica M. Zerfoss, Nursing.

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