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Easy methods to Do the Hammer Energy Row Machine Row for Again Muscle

IF YOU WANT to construct an enormous again, you are going to have to do loads of heavyweight rows. Sadly, that may typically imply that you’re going to wind up exposing your decrease again to the strains and stress that comes from the widespread bent-over place you may use for key row variations.

If that is the case, one piece of apparatus that you just’re in all probability already acquainted with—the Hammer Energy row machine—might be a useful addition to your again coaching routine. If you have not already began utilizing the machine, it says Males’s Well being health director Ebenezer Samuel, CSCS, it is time to work it in to your routine.

why? Your decrease again is in a safer and extra steady place all through the motion. This lets you place your deal with the squeeze of your shoulder blades, which is the place you may be reaping probably the most muscle-building good points. This back-training profit lets you achieve a larger lat stretch whereas nonetheless having the ability to incorporate extra poundage—however with quite a bit much less stress within the decrease again.

“I am unable to get that on a dumbbell row,” Samuel says. “I am unable to get that on a barbell row, particularly from going heavy. I can get that right here. And that is one of many causes that I actually wind up loving the Hammer Energy row.”

Which Muscular tissues You Use With the Hammer Energy Machine

Chances are you’ll assume {that a} Hammer Energy row machine is sweet only for hitting your lats, however you are additionally nailing a couple of extra muscle teams in your routine, together with:

  • rear delts
  • Biceps
  • Forearms
  • core
  • Decrease Again

Who Ought to Be Utilizing the Hammer Energy Row Machine

  • Bodybuilders
  • Energy athletes
  • Newbie lifters

As a result of the Hammer Energy row machine is so easy, this motion profit anybody who’s concerned in any type of weight coaching routine. Bodybuilders love this transfer for its low-impact nature, which lets you goal your muscle mass with out a lot technical problem. You’ll be able to load up giant quantities of weight, so energy athletes are in a position to make large good points as properly. Even for those who’re into useful health, this machine lets you work with a bigger load—which may carry over to larger numbers with barbell and dumbbell actions. The Hammer Energy row is a unbelievable choice for novices to get acquainted with the essential mechanics of the row with out the problem of sustaining robust posture.

Setting Up for the Hammer Energy Row Machine

This train appears easy—simply sit and row—however like another motion, the Hammer Energy row machine row generally is a little extra nuanced than that.

The very first thing any person ought to pay attention to is seat positioning. For starters, your greatest guess is to line your self mid-chest with the pad. That is necessary since you’ll depend on the pad for a couple of causes:

  1. The pad will offer you bodily suggestions. You may discover when your chest begins coming off of it mid raise; which will imply you possibly can be dropping management of the train
  2. By stopping your chest from transferring too far ahead, you may nonetheless be capable to prolong your lats a bit deeper, which is able to present a fantastic stretch to the muscle.

You do not simply have to take a seat and row both, because the Hammer Energy row machine may be achieved standing as properly, from both a standard shoulder-width stance or perhaps a staggered stance.


You may discover that the Hammer Energy machine gives you with a couple of totally different handles for mixing up your grip sometimes—which suggests it is actually to provide you with a unsuitable option to grip this.

You’ll be able to method your hand positioning in quite a few methods. For max energy, go along with the impartial (palms going through one another) grip. That is going to have interaction your lats a bit greater than the others whereas permitting you to drag heavier weight.

It’s also possible to take a wider grip, which would require much less weight however will present a larger shoulder blade squeeze than different grips. Additionally, you will truly change the muscle focus barely to your rear delts as properly. An alternative choice is to go each fingers or bi-lateral, which is a good way to actually go heavy.

Easy methods to Do a Hammer Energy Machine Row

Males’s Well being

  • With the seat aligned so your chest is safe with the chest pad, choose your selection of hand positioning.
  • When you figured your grip place, take a deep breath and brace your abs as you drive your chest into the pad.
  • Squeezing your glutes, let the bar pull you ahead barely, supplying you with a pleasant extra stretch.
  • From there, pull again every deal with as you drive your chest into the pad, barely making a hinge into the motion.
  • Squeeze your shoulder blades—about two seconds ought to work—then return to begin place.

Easy methods to Do the Hammer Machine Row in Your Exercises

Once more, as a result of it is such a flexible train, the Hammer Energy row machine may be achieved both at first or finish of your again session or higher physique exercise. For those who’re utilizing this at the start of your exercise, purpose to go heavy, with about 4 units of six to 10 reps every. As a finisher, you’ll be able to pull to fatigue—in all probability more practical with lighter weight than at first of a exercise—for about three units of 15 to twenty reps.

Jeff Tomko is a contract health author who has written for Muscle and Health, Males’s Health, and Males’s Well being.

Headshot of Brett Williams, NASM

Brett Williams, a health editor at Males’s Well being, is a NASM-CPT licensed coach and former professional soccer participant and tech reporter who splits his exercise time between energy and conditioning coaching, martial arts, and operating. You will discover his work by him elsewhere at Mashable, Thrillist, and different retailers.

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