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Letter for the article Prevalence, Administration, and Danger Components of Ast

Correspondence: Selvi A Mangundap, School of Nursing, Poltekkes Kemenkes Palu, Thalua Konchi Avenue Quantity 09, North Palu, Palu, Middle Sulawesi, Indonesia, Electronic mail [email protected]

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We’ve learn a paper by Rina Triasih et al on Prevalence, Administration, and Danger Components of Bronchial asthma Amongst Faculty-Age Kids in Yogyakarta, We congratulate the authors for his or her invaluable findings on the planet of well being which offer info relating to bronchial asthma, particularly in youngsters whose instances haven’t gone away. We want to share our views on this research in addition to present enter that may construct on and develop this analysis whether it is to be continued sooner or later by different researchers who additionally wish to conduct research on the prevalence of bronchial asthma, particularly at school -age youngsters.

The research carried out by Rina Triasih et al goals to supply an information report relating to the prevalence, administration, and threat elements for bronchial asthma in school-age youngsters in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, which is among the most densely populated large cities in Indonesia. Rina Triasih et al of their analysis discovered that adolescents have a a lot increased prevalence of bronchial asthma than youngsters. That is most definitely as a result of truth that there have been extra adolescent samples on this research than youngsters, moreover that it may also be attributable to the truth that many male adolescents are already acquainted with smoking and have began smoking in order that it may be one of many elements that triggers bronchial asthma in adolescent age.2

The research carried out by Rina Triasih et al used a cross-sectional research technique in 5 districts within the province of Yogyakarta, Indonesia utilizing a standardized questionnaire following a protocol developed by the World Bronchial asthma Community (GAN) to judge bronchial asthma and its related threat elements. The tactic used is nice sufficient, however we wish to present enter relating to different questionnaires that may be considered by researchers that can be utilized to evaluate bronchial asthma management from varied predictors in order that they are often evaluated and analyzed with univariate and multivariable logistic regression. This questionnaire will likely be very useful in offering extra correct and full knowledge studies as a result of it has been validated by the ISAAC and the Bronchial asthma Management Check (ACT).3

In conclusion, we agree that the prevalence of wheezing in youngsters and adolescents in Indonesia is at the moment fairly low and the usage of inhalation remedy remains to be very restricted. That is most definitely as a result of lack of knowledge on bronchial asthma sufferers in youngsters and adolescents who’re reported in well being amenities and the screening of well being employees to detect wheezing in youngsters and adolescents. We advise that well being employees who deal with bronchial asthma in youngsters may take note of the kid’s development and growth throughout remedy by offering fascinating inhalation remedy video games in order that youngsters can get better and their development and growth are additionally not disturbed.4 Due to this fact, we advise that well being employees pay extra consideration to bronchial asthma in youngsters and adolescents as a result of extreme bronchial asthma might be life-threatening for youngsters and adolescents if not handled correctly.


The authors report no conflicts of curiosity on this communication.


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